London Olympics: The Greenest Games in History.

When London presented their candidature for 2012 Olympics they claimed those would be the greenest Olympic Games in history. Now that the Olympics have already started, let’s see how they are acomplishing their objectives.



London Olympics are about to become the greenest olympic games in history.
Photo: David Poultney via Olympic Delivery Authority

Energy Sources:

London’s bid for Olympics contemplated a 50 percent of emissions’ reduction and planned to get 20 percent of energy from renewable sources. However, current plans are slightly different. Since the projects for a 2-megawatt wind turbine were abandoned in 2010, actual objective is to obtain a 11 percent of energy from a variety of renewable sources, getting the biggest part of alternative energy from biomass.

Sustainable Buildings:

The buildings created for the Olympic Park, besides being designed to be at least a 25 percent more efficient, are built by recycled materials that can be reutilized once the Olympics finish. In fact, after the Olympics at least 90% of the material used in buildings that are going to be demolished will be recycled.


The organization is encouraging spectators and visitors to use public transportation,  ride a bike or walk to the events in order to cut down on emissions. In fact, it it not possible to get to the Olympic Park by other transportation.


Another objective is to significantly reduce the amount of waste, so they are offering visitors lots of recycling opportunities and to sensitize in the use of recycling products.


As part of sustainability goals, it was planned to conserve biodiversity and create new green spaces while building the Olympic Park. Thus, at least 45 acres of new wildlife habitat has been added to the area and a commitment to create new habitats for amphibians, invertebrates and other wildlife has been included.
Since Olympic Games are followed by millions of people worldwide, it represents a great opportunity to leave a mark into their minds on sustainable and renewable technologies. According to a survey by GE in the United Kingdom, more than a third of British said that creating sustainable Olympic Games has motivated them to consider how much are they contributing to the environment in their daily routine.



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